Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

We went to the Atlanta Falcons Training Camp about 1-2 weeks ago. It was the first time we had been and it was very cool. The boys loved seeing the players; however, JL was wondering why they weren't tackling really hard. I tried to explain it was practice and not a real game. They saved that for other players not the guys on their own team.

Mac, on the other hand was CRAZY... He was literally trying to walk onto the field or if not walk on the field he was thowing his little white football on the field mind you in the middle of (as JL would call it a fake football game). The photographers from the local newspapers were helping me get him and his ball off the field. It was at this point I decided we had to go home.

Every year they allow a few practices to be open to the public, but I don' t think this is what they had in mind. Good thing we sat in the bleachers for the first hour and went down to the side lines the last fifteen minutes.

We will try to go again next year!

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