Mac's new favorite thing on earth

Chocolate Milk!!!!!!

He has the biggest sweet tooth ever! If you remember, he is the reason we no longer have a cookie/treat jar on the counter. It is now in the pantry, but not being used. He can open the pantry door and freaks out until you give in and give him something. So we hide treats and he can't see them. I hide them in the grocery cart as well.

He loves chocolate, sugary candy, honey buns, cinnamon rolls and now chocolate milk.

He can
open the fridge
get the Hersey's syrup and milk out
hand them to me
climb on top of the counter (without a chair)
grab a spoon
and make me fix him glass of chocolate milk

Today he probably had 5 glasses!!! He also had 3 meltdowns because I finally told him no!

He is a wild man! I am going to try and get pictures of it the next time we make a glass.

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