Actual Birthday 11-29

Mac was born on November 29th and I am not a fan of having a birthday this time of year. It is too close to Thanksgiving and too close to the hustle and bustle of Christmas. We always have his party around the middle of November, so that means his birthday lasts for 3 weeks.

On the day of his birthday we sent in cupcakes for his class and he loved it!! This was his 3rd party! The two things he wanted for his birthday were a pair of basketball (that he picked out) and a straight brim hat. He was so excited to finally get the shoes. I bought them on November 1st and I had to tell him because he was so worried someone else would buy them. He counted down for 29 days until he got those shoes. He loves to count down to whatever.... He has not taken them off since.

This is what Mac woke up to on his actual birthday.

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