First day of school-3rd grade and Kindergarten

Monday, August 6th was the first day of school for John Lawrence and Mac. John Lawrence is in the 3rd grade and his teacher is Ms. Myers. Mac is in Kindergarten and his teacher's name is Ms. Lawrence. Mac has spent so much time up at the school that I don't think it was a big deal. He was excited over the summer for school to start that I had to remind him at times to not wish away the summer. I am so happy it has been an easy transition for him.

I am very happy with both of their teachers and we are really excited about the school year. Both boys were ready for Monday and actually excited. JL's best friend Dylan is in his class and Mac's best friend Kai is in his class. So far as of today the week has been great. No complaints and the boys say that school is "good and fun".

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Bringing Home to the City said...

I cannot believe Mac is in Kindergarten! They are getting so big so fast...NOOOOO!