End of September

Not much to update but here are some things we have done in the past week and weekend.

John Lawrence got his first big boy haircut. My regular girl was not available, so we went to a Great Clips and boy did they cut it. It looks cute and people say he looks more like Mason now.

We took John Lawrence swimming in an indoor pool near our house called Bogan Park. I sat out, but Mason and JL had a great time swimming. He really enjoyed swimming this summer; therefore, we want to try and keep it up this winter.

Over the weekend we went to play Putt Putt Golf. It was a great course! Mason and I had as much fun as JL did. It was set under the trees- and so shaded, so it felt at least 10 degrees cooler than it really was.

School is going great! I can not believe how easy a transition it has been for us this year. What a relief. I can tell he enjoys it and is learning too!!!!

I am 30 weeks pregnant as of yesterday!!! I have been looking forward to this time for awhile. Only 10 weeks or less to go. If it is like last time only 5 weeks to go. This weekend JL is going to Pop and GranJan's house so we can get the nursey set up. Can you believe we have waited so long to do this? I guess you do get more relaxed the second time.

I will email pics of my belly next time and maybe some of the nursery once it is completed.

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