Vacation in South Carolina

We are back from our vacation in South Carolina! This time John Lawrence and I went to the Beach with Mom, Ron, Nina and Kathryn. Mason had to stay in Atlanta and work. We got there on Tuesday and left Friday.

We went to The Grand Cirque (which is like the Las Vegas Cirque de Soleil Show) but on a smaller scale. John Lawrence sat for 2 hours straight and loved it. Especially when the dogs and cats performed. The next day we went to the Aquarium. He really enjoyed seeing the colorful fish and large sharks. Other days, were spent time by the pool and hot tubs.

On Friday, we left and went to visit my friend Ashley and her new baby -Lauren. She is a week old and absolutely precious. JL played with her older brother Luke and had a ball! We stayed there for the day then headed down to Beaufort. My other friend, Jenny had her baby boy Hudson about 2 1/2 weeks ago so we went to visit them as well. Hudson is the "King of the House" after coming into the family of 3 older sisters. He is a beautiful baby!

We left Beaufort on Saturday and I will say it feels great to be home. That is my last car trip longer than 3 hours until after the baby is born!!! I could definitely feel the pain of sitting and riding by Saturday night.

I have a doctor's appt tomorrow and they will be checking my glucose/sugar. I have to drink that awful drink 1 hour before the appt and I will have to give blood as well. I will post another belly picture next week when I turn 30 weeks. It is amazing how much I have grown since the last picture at 24 weeks.

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