Middle of November

I have not posted in two weeks and my the time is flying. I am surprised because the count down is on to meet Baby Walker and the time has not slowed to a stand still yet. I am 37 weeks as of yesterday and I will admit that I am impatient at this point considering that John Lawrence would be 2 weeks old at this time. Hopefully it will happen soon. We feel like life is on hold at the moment and then we look at JL and remember that for him life keeps going very quickly.

Here is what has happened the last 2 weeks.

Dad and Diane came for a visit. They had 2 days off of school and decided to come to Atlanta for the weekend. We had a great time. Diane, JL and I did some Christmas shopping and Dad and Mason played golf. We had some good meals and just really enjoyed each other. John Lawrence loved Dad and changed his name to Grandaddy instead of Grandpa. He thought it was fun to tickle Dad's feet and jump/wrestle with him the entire time. So, they had a lot of bonding time together.

John Lawrence's preschool had their Thanksgiving Feast. Parents were invited to attend and bring some food to share. We were asked to bring the dessert so Mason made his famous Banana Pudding. It was a hit! John Lawrence was excited to see us there and Walker was also at the luncheon which was an added bonus! They were so excited to see each other at school. They go to the same school, but are in different classes.

The weather was beautiful last week so we took advantage of it and took the boys to the park two of the days. It was great!!! On Saturday, Mason and Eric took the boys to play Putt Putt. They loved it and then went to McDonalds afterward.

Sunday, my friend Katie invited us over for lunch and made us Lasagna, Salad, Bread and Banana pudding. It was a great meal and her daughter Anna Kate and JL got to play together. Thanks Katie and David! It was great seeing you both!

This week the weather has not been as nice. It rained all day on Wednesday so we went to the mall. The mall is ready for Christmas! The decorations are up and so is Santa Claus. We rode the train, waved to Santa, ate lunch and got a cookie. Even did some window shopping for awhile.

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