Christmas Holiday

We are back from Christmas in Spartanburg! We had a great time and it was very relaxing. We went there 0n Friday and stayed until Tuesday. We also spent our first night away from Mac and went to Chapin for the Smith's annual Christmas party. It was fun and eventful. Ashley's brother got engaged and Denise annouced she was pregnant! Congratulations to both of them!

John Lawrence was so much fun this Christmas. He got into the spirit and left a cookie and glass of milk for Santa Claus along with having a hard time going to sleep on Christmas eve. He woke up at 6:15am and decided to go into the den all by himself (which he never does) and played with all of his toys and things that Santa brought him. He did this for about 15 mins and then came into our room. He got us up and did it all again for our sake I am sure! His favorite presents were a game called Let's Go Fishing and a Thomas the Train shaving set.

Mac was great on our trip he is sleeping longer and is really a good baby. We are so blessed and in love with our Angel.

Mac has a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I will update you on his measurements.

Mason, JL and Mac on Christmas morning
JL and Walker wearing their Thomas the train pjs and playing with new trains
Pop and JL playing with JL's favorite Christmas present (Game called Let's Go Fishing)
Mammy (Jan's mom) holding Mac
Grandma Walker (Larry's mom) holding Mac

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