We welcome to the world (Mac) Thomas McMurry Walker

I am sorry it has taken me so long to get this blog out. Here is the birth story.

I went in for an induction on Wednesday, November 29th at 6:00am in the morning. I started having back pain on my own at 3:00am and contractions at 4:00am. So Wednesday would have been the day regardless. We get to the hospital room at 6:45 am and I was already dilated to a 4. The doctor waited until 9:45am to start pitocin so that I would not have the baby too fast. So we waited and watched tv and relaxed before the show began. At 11:00am the pain hit me all at one time. I asked for the epidural and the nurse checked me again and I was an 8. Another hour goes by and I am at a 10 and have to wait on the doctor to come back to the hospital, so I can start to push. I only had to push for 30 minutes (with the help of a vacuum) and Mac entered the world!

He was born at 1:44pm and weighed 9lbs and 4 oz and was 21 3/4 inches long. We got to hold him for about 15 to 20 minutes then he was taken to the NICU. He ended staying in the NICU for 6 days. He got to come home on Monday afternoon around 5:00pm. I will say it was the longest six days of our lives. He had to go in the NICU for Tachypnea (he was breathing fast-respiratory distress). They say that a couple of factors caused this to happen. My labor was very quick (fluid on the lungs), had to get help from the vaccum, and he was a big boy (they have a hard time transition from mother to the outside world).

He did not loose an ounce of weight during his hospital stay and even gained a few ounces. He is home and doing wonderful.

John Lawrence is doing great with his new brother. I have been happily surprised to see how gentle and helpful JL is with Mac. He calls him baby Mac and when he talks about him or his body parts he puts the word "little" in front of it every time.

I will send more pictures later.

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