Life at The Walkers

It has been so long since I posted last. Our home computer has been acting up for the last few weeks and I finally got on Mason's work laptop. We have been busy just living our daily lives. John Lawrence is enjoying preschool and playing with friends. Potty training as begun!!!! We have been doing it for about 3 weeks and it is going well. I was dreading it, but it has been easier than I ever imagined.

January events:
-Got back into the swing of school after a long Christmas break
-Saw Pop and Gran Jan a couple of times due to Martha Jane moving into her own apartment, Walker's bday was Dec. 30th and then Mason and JL went to Spartanburg for the weekend and left Mac and I alone to enjoy some time alone together.
-Went to Playgroup a few Fridays as well (always lots of fun)

February events so far:
-Mac's 2 month doctor appointment
-Went to Spartanburg for Riley Belle/Preston's bday party (Jump Zone) and then John Lawrence stayed the weekend alone with Pop and GranJan and Walker. They had a great time!
-Went to a playgroup Valentine's Day party and made a mailbox with stickers and it has been a great toy. He has gotten stickers from Nana and Grandma and had to add them to his mailbox. He is ready for Valentines Day!
-Today had VD party at school and of course when he got home he moved all his valentines from his friends to his mailbox.
-Went to the park first the time in months on Monday. It was beautiful and warm. It was a spring teaser. JL loved it. We are so ready for spring!!!!

I promise I will update more often and keep on top of the blog. I use this as my journal so it is just as much for me as it is for you.

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