Mac's 2 month doctor appointment stats

Mac went to the Doctor on February 1st for his 2 month checkup. He weighs in at 14lbs 2oz (90%) and 25 in (96%). He is a big boy!

He is smiling and cooing all the time and is such a joy. He only cries when he is hungry or tired. God knew we needed an easy second child and he delivered.

Mac is sleeping longer at night and only waking up about 1 or 2 times a night. John Lawrence was sleeping through the night at 11 weeks. We are a week shy of Mac turning 11 weeks; however, I do not see him making it all night yet. He is just such a big boy and needs his milk!!!

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Katie said...

Hi Kim!

I have been checking your blog for an update. We really need to get together soon so that I can see Mac! His gift has been sitting here all wrapped up and waiting.....
Maybe next week????? We are all over our sickness around here, so we can definitely do something.

Oh, my Dad would be happy to take their pictures next time he is in town. He would love that!

See you soon,