Mac's 18th month doctor appointment

Recap of his 12 month appointment

Weight: 25 lbs 15 oz 85%
Length: 33 in
Head Cir.: 19 91%

18th month stats:

Weight: 28 lbs 12 oz 82%
Length:35 1/2 in 99%
Head Cir:19 1/4 79%

The doctor was amazed at how much he grew in 6 months time. 3 1/2 inches and 3 pounds. He had a good healthy report.

She said it was time to get rid of the paci and change him into a big boy bed (he had climbed out of his crib one time at that point--more to come on that later). I was not ready for either of those two things as that would mean he would no longer be our baby boy. The paci I will attempt when he turns 2 years old. The crib I will post about that tomorrow.

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