Mac's Bedroom Before & After

Here are the before and after pictures of Mac's Bedroom. He is no longer in his crib. He climbed out the first time at 17 months and then another time at 18 months (which is when the doctor said I needed to move him to a bed) and this week has been every day.

We moved JL at 28 months so this is a whole new ball game for us. I said that Mac would stay in his crib till he was 3. I guess he showed me. He slept in his new bed last night all night long. It took him a while to settle down and go to sleep, but once he did he loved it. He has been playing in it a lot today. Our baby is growing so fast!

I painted this bed navy blue (it was JL's and was painted red)on Monday and then I found the bedding on Wednesday of this week and I love it!

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