Happy 5th Birthday Mac

Mac today you turn 5 years old. We are so proud of you and the boy are becoming. You are no longer a baby, but a big boy. You love to hang out with John Lawrence and his friends, but you are wanting to have your own friends too. You run to the beat of your own drum and we love that about you.

Right now you are big into clothes and having your own style. Things you like to wear are an under armour sleeveless shirt (no matter if it is cold outside), jeans, belts, a chain from the front of your jeans to the back. You are going to play basketball this winter and you knew you wanted high top basketball shoes, so that is what you asked for your birthday. 

You love school and seem to do well. You are starting to want to work on your letters more and trying to make words. JL is trying to teach you how to add and multiply. Nothing like some good brotherly competition to get you motivated.

You love to ride your bike, jump on the trampoline, hang out in the treehouse and play with friends. We forget you are little most of the time, until it is late and you come to either me or Daddy and ask if we will cuddle with you. It melts us every time.

You are an absolute joy and  we love your little spirit. You know what you want and will stop at nothing until you get it. You keep our family on our toes and we would not have it any other way.

We love you Mac Attack!

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