Operation Chirstmas Child

This week is National Collection week for Operation Christmas Child and we turned in our shoes boxes yesterday. This was our first year to fill a shoebox and I must say it was such a good experience! We chose to fill two boxes that were for boys the same age as JL and Mac. The boys went shopping with me to pick out all of the items to put in the boxes.

JL truly got the concept and really wanted to give his boy great stuff for Christmas. Mac on the other hand, got the concept, but was still torn about parting with all the great candy and toys. We also included some basic items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, washcloth, socks and then some fun stuff like markers, crayons, paper, toys, candy, flashlight, batteries.

We took the boxes to a local church and we were amazed at the amount of shoe boxes that were already colected. It was such a great learning experience for the boys and it is something we will definitely do again.

We  filled out some information online and this will enable us to track our boxes and see where they end up. That will be the exciting part!

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