Silent Saturday

Last Saturday was Silent Soccer Saturday. The kids thought it was great! The parents and coaches thought it was hard! Jamie came to visit on Friday night and to watch the boys play the next morning. Jamie is moving to Brazil in July, so we are hoping to get another dinner in with him before he leaves. The boys and I had a fun time making posters for the game. They were proud of their signs!

Rules and Expectations for Silent Saturday:
Silent Saturday will apply to age groups U7-U19 (ALL programs).

Spectators- No verbal communication to the field at all. None!!!!!  Clapping at goals is allowed, as well as low toned comments to your sideline mates. Any comments that can be heard by the players, coaches, or ref’s on the field are prohibited.  Be creative in how you show your support! Bring pom-poms or a rally towel in team colors. Make signs with your team name or player number on them. Just no noisemakers, such as whistles, cow bells, or air horns. Georgia Soccer rules prohibit these.
Coaches- No verbal communication to players on the field. Restrict your coaching to before game time, half time, when calling for subs, and after the game. You may speak quietly to the subs waiting. 
Referees- You are encouraged to remind coaches, and spectators that on this day all verbal communication will come solely from the field. You are in charge of the field of play and any communication that must be made by you to ensure a safe, fair, fun game is played is expected. Reminders of the guidelines may be required, up to and including stopping the game if necessary.
Players- PLAY! Enjoy the game and your ability to play it well! Speak and provide direction to each other as you have been coached to do. Subs waiting on the sidelines must be silent as well, so as not to replace the coach.

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