Meet Daphne

We have been waiting since January to get another kitten and we promised JL he could get one for his birthday. I have been looking on Petfinder and animal shelters daily looking for one. On Monday we found Daphne. I fell in love with her picture and we went to go and meet her.

She is 8 weeks old  and is such an easygoing kitten. I warned the boys we might not see her the first two days because she might hide under the bed, but that did not happen. She ate, drank and went to the bathroom within the first 30 minutes of bringing her home. She has slept in JL's bed every night since we got her. Charlie is great to her! She is the perfect cat and we could not be more pleased.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie! Tell the boys I can tell by the way she is sleeping in all the various positions, that she is a sweet, sweet girl.

Mama Rucci said...


Do you think green is a good color for me?

Love her already.